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Easy to care for and with diverse varieties, this plant is the perfect choice for any garden or succulent collection. They can survive short periods of drought and are not likely to perish if you leave them unattended while on vacation. While this might seem like a purely aesthetic feature, the gravel actually helps to keep the leaves of the plant from touching wet soil, and therefore helps to prevent them from rotting. Here it occurs roughly between Port Elizabeth and East London in the east. In the wild, these succulents grow in sandy and rocky soil that facilitates drainage. If you can, you could take the plant out of its pot and change the soil and rinse off the roots. Use a pre-mixed soil suitable for cacti and succulents, or make your own mix by combining organic potting soil with a mixture of shredded bark, coarse sand, pebbles, or charcoal. How to plant: Need to plant in light soil, with good drainage overwater will cause problem in germination.

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To do so, simply remove a rooted offset from the parent and plant in a separate small pot. If you would like to keep growing the same Haworthia plant, then you can propagate it and take one of the leaves to root and created a new plant. Offsets are also an easy way to create new haworthia cooperi plants.

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Aside from offsets, H. However, a consistent watering pattern will be welcomed by these plants. The sap inside the plant contains poison, and if the plant is eaten, whoever ate it is going to experience irritation of the stomach and mouth and vomiting.

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It is a small desert plant. The short, stumpy, blue-green variety, H. Just 4 or 5 hours of sun each day will be enough to keep this succulent happy and thriving, but any less than this will result in a plant with stilted growth, which takes on a peculiar shape in its mission to seek out some extra light. Your name.

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Sowing season: Spring to summer better to sow it in the temperature C F that the season. Difficulties or problems when growing: Rotten suddenly and hard to prevent the moment can be seen on the leaves. How to care indoor: When grow indoor not next to heater and need location with light, put less water indoor and check the container to much wet. The Haworthia plant does not need a lot of water, to begin with. Then, you can place the new cutting into a planter with that has soil. No, but easier to start from propagation of leaf or stem. Another feature is that the leaves have transparent streaks around their tips.

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Take extra care for this new plant until it is well established 4. They are comparable to a clump of grapes in appearance. Adding smalls rock to the Haworthia will improve its draining.

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Sowing requirement: Location with light and better sandy or well ventilated soil and good drainage soil, keep soil slightly moist do not overwater , sow in light and half shade will be better, temperature C F. But succulent plants have never been the type of plants to grow large or tall. This is why it is sometimes called by other common names such as cathedral windows haworthia and cushion aloe. A landscape horticulturist by profession, she has been designing, installing, and maintaining various landscapes and gardens for residential and commercial use.

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