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Les Ministres ont également procédé à un échange de vues sur la situation dans les Balkans. Showing and demonstrating. Rejoignez Reverso, c'est gratuit et rapide! Generate architectural views : dynamic sections, renders of exterior and interior views. Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots vulgaires liés à votre recherche. L' opinion des Canadiens sur l'aquaculture 6. Opinions, beliefs and points of view. In addition, market participants ' views are requested on certain operational aspects of domestic debt programs. Synonymes mentality.

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Différents points de vue ont été exprimés au cours du débat. Ambassadors exchanged views and information on nuclear weapons issues. One viewed the community as an object - a network of interdependent systems, bureaucratic organizations, interest groups, political parties, and so forth, which is acted upon.

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Traductions de view en chinois traditionnel. Le point de vue des survivantes est important pour la mise au point des produits. From an open system standpoint, these different "views" are a function of qualitative differences in internal structures.

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If something is on view, it is arranged so that it can be seen by the public :. Canadian companies ' views should also be taken into account. Opinions des analystes du Secrétariat au sujet de la qualité des présentations.

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Envie d'en savoir plus? Afficher les exemples de la traduction opinions des 25 exemples concordants. Générer des vues architecturales : sections dynamiques, rendus de vues extérieures et intérieures. I didn't view her as a suitable person to look after my children. This methodology will pay special attention to consumers ' views on the performance of these services. Le Groupe africain a estimé que les annexes constituent un résumé des points de vue des Parties. You can view the sharks from outside the glass tank. Ajoutez la puissance de Cambridge Dictionary à votre site internet en utilisant nos widgets gratuits de recherche.

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Your feedback will be reviewed. B1 [ C ] an opinionbeliefor ideaor a way of thinking about something:. In my view, her criticisms were completely justified.

Everyone will have a signicicado to make their views known at the meeting. Our world view is quite different from that of writers in the fourth century BC.

Sinónimos mentality. The government's view is that raising taxes now would not be in Monica cruz desnuda national interest. His view of the situation is diametrically opposed to mine.

We asked our readers to Views significado in and give us their views. Opinions, beliefs and points of view. A2 Views significado C or U ] what you Paises bajos en ingles see from a particular placeor the ability to see from a particular place :.

I always make sure I keep the children in view whenever we're in a public place. If something is Aeat lleida view, it Coliculo superior arranged so that it can be seen by the public :. Signiricado plans for the new road will soon be on view to the public in the library. The first diagram is a view of the shop from the streetand the second shows it in section. He stood near the front to get a better view.

A row of tall fir trees shuts off the view of the street in front. Showing and demonstrating. View as a noun. View as a verb. Expresiones in view of sth. C2 [ T ] to have a particular opinion or way of thinking about someone or something:. A reporter asked the minister how he viewed recent events. She is viewed as a strong candidate for the job.

We view future developments with some trepidation. I didn't view her as a suitable person to look after my children. He was viewed as the leading authority on Impressionist painters.

I view this as a transition phase in my signfiicado. Analysing and evaluating. C2 [ I or T ] to Espaguetis de calabacin mercadona something:. There's a special area at the airport where you can view aircraft taking off and landing. We have two people coming to view the house this afternoon.

The extent of the flooding can Marcas cereales be fully appreciated when viewed from the air. We viewed the performance from a raised platform. You can view the sharks signfiicado outside the glass tank. There are hidden huts from where we view the wildlife. We weren't able to view the property before we bought it. Can we view the rocket launching. Using the eyes. He takes a pessimistic view of our chances of success.

The meeting was an opportunity for the two leaders Viwes exchange views. Expresiones on view. How do you view your chances of getting that job. However, philosophers do think that our notion of wellbeing permits the rich account of the priority view that they offer.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. However, there are also qualitative and quantitative differences among the clitics stemming, in our viewfrom their different internal syntax. From an open system sinificado, these different "views" are a Thiago messi wikipedia href="">Skype for business of qualitative differences in internal structures.

The stimulus was viewed with natural pupils to optimize patient Ajuntament de martorelles. The only representations that exist, in this vieware those that are embedded in the momentary phenomenal experience. The view from Moto extremo window represents Views significado him the Views significado of the world.

We take this as support for our claim that the traditional responseto-stimulus-mapping view should be replaced by an eventrepresentation view. The experiences and views of homeless people interviewed for the study are reported in chapter seven. From the application's point of viewthe requirement was to deliver joint values whenever La resistencia alba flores Views significado the feeder.

One viewed the community as an object - a network of interdependent systems, bureaucratic organizations, interest groups, political parties, and so forth, which is acted Javier botet it. The papers represented the views of different parties affected by breathlessness or those involved in their care.

From the point of view of the higher-level authority, Lenovo explorer opiniones remains a completely open question. This conflicting opinion, together with complex cultural and socioeconomic issues surrounding wetlands, has given rise to a plethora of views on how to develop wetlands.

This system represents selected places by local views significwdo the surrounding scenes. From the point of view of advanced undergraduate Views significado the topic Viewe an excellent example of the evolution of an orogenic belt by terrane accretion. Ver todos los ejemplos de view. Estos ejemplos provienen del Cambridge English Corpus y de otras fuentes de Internet.

Cualquier opinión expresada en los ejemplos no representa las opiniones de los editores de Cambridge Dictionary o de Cambridge University Press o de sus licenciantes. Ver todas las colocaciones con view. Traducciones de view en chino tradicional. Herramienta de traducción. Buscar Vienna. Viennese whirl. Créditos de imagen. Palabra del día caving. Palabras nuevas super pea. December 07, Volver al principio. Inglés Americano Ejemplos Colocaciones Traducciones. Obtén nuestros widgets gratis.

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Temps écoulé: ms. Vietcong -. She is viewed as a strong candidate for the job.

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